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Trusted compliance with the EU Whistleblower Directive & US Whistleblower Laws.

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Manage and respond to your reports securely.

How to Set Up Your Free Whistleblower Hotline

Copy and paste.  That’s it!

We’ve put all the features you need (and more) into our secure web application. Publish your link to instantly comply with whistleblower protection laws around the world.

No complicated software setup, no extra expenses. Our free whistleblower software saves you money, time and headaches.

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Whistleblowing ISO 27001 certified server providers

Your Business Needs Whistleblower Software Now

If you have more than 50 workers in the EU or fall under US Whistleblower Laws, then you are required to have a whistleblower hotline.

Trusty is a comprehensive whistleblowing solution that meets and exceeds the legal requirements to include:

free whistleblower software
Trusty is a secure solution to make your organization instantly compliant
whistleblower protection laws

Trusty Free and Trusty+ Compared

With Trusty Free, you get our secure and compliant whistleblowing hotline. Already included are the necessary and useful features for managing your whistleblower reports.

For most SMEs, Trusty Free is the best solution for complying with whistleblower laws.

We also offer Trusty+ and Trusty Premium, which we can tailor to your unique needs and server location requirements.

We Are The Best Whistleblower Software for SMEs

Trusty Free comes with unlimited storage, and so this has many of our clients ask:

How many whistleblower reports should you expect per year?

We are here when you need us, letting you know by email when you receive a new report.

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What Do Our Clients Think of Trusty?

A Smart and Free Whistleblowing Solution For Your Business

In just a few clicks, you can comply with US whistleblower laws and the EU Whistleblower Directive.

Our secure and easy-to-use whistleblowing hotline is free for every business, get yours now!

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Trusty Free
Whistleblower Software

Trusted compliance with EU Whistleblower Directive & US Whistleblower Laws.


Instant. Secure. Headache Free.

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