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Trusty offers an intuitive dashboard for a comprehensive case overview, allowing organisations to easily manage their internal whistleblower channel.

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"At STADA we found Trusty to be a valuable partner in our journey to establish a robust, confidential and intuitive whistleblowing system throughout our multinational organization.  Trusty's team was easy to collaborate with throughout the entire process. In a trustful dialogue between STADA and Trusty, their expertise was an important asset to design an effective whistleblowing tool. Trusty's hands-on support was highly appreciated to makes the implementation a success."


"We have been working with Trusty team for a number of years, which is only a testament of their reliability and excellence."

INTEREUROPA Corporate Integrity and Compliance Officer

"A whistleblower hotline that meets all requirements and is easy to manage - that's Trusty!"
Anne Drengenberg

BPW Bergische Achsen Group Head of Legal & Compliance

"Signing up for Trusty and setting it up was really simple and fast."

NAMSA Regional Leader HR, EMEA

"Trusty has really proven to be what it promises: fast, uncomplicated and affordable. We had our reporting channels set up in no time at all. The support was super fast and very friendly." SCHNEIDER OLGA

TRILUX GROUP Inhouse Lawyer, Legal Department TRILUX Group

"The whistleblower line allows our independent commission to examine reported cases in real time, contact the whistleblowers, and act in the event unethical behaviour is confirmed."

SLOVENIJA OLYMPIC COMMITEE Bogdan Gabrovec - President

"Trusty allowed us to focus our efforts on content and not worry about the technical side of the whistleblowing line."

RAIFFEISEN WAREN GmbH Whistleblowing Representative

"So good, as good as its support. The plugin is useful, easy to use and the support is quick and reliable. Thank you!"


"A perfect platform for wistleblowing. We have received personal support from day one and they are quick to provide help if you need it."

G2 RATING Customer

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Free EU Whistleblowing Policy

Download our general EU Whistleblowing Policy in English to stay compliant with regulations.