In the business and organizational sphere, emphasis has been placed on the need to establish effective whistleblower channels that not only comply with regulations but also become tools to promote transparency and prevent corrupt or unethical acts. The following is a breakdown of the whistleblower channel procedure according to current regulations.

What is the whistleblower channel procedure?

The whistleblower channel procedure refers to the systematic operation of this tool in companies and public entities. This tool is equally fundamental within the framework of the corruption whistleblower protection law and the EU Whistleblowing Directive. In this case, it is essential to understand that these channels are not mere receivers of information, but structured systems that must follow a specific protocol and conform to the corporate social responsibility policy.

Whistleblowing Channel Procedure

How is a whistleblower channel structured?

Companies, especially those with more than 50 employees, have a responsibility to implement a mandatory whistleblower channel.

Above all, this channel must be structured in such a way that any action or behavior contrary to internal regulations or established laws can be reported. The channels of the complaints channel, whether written or verbal, must guarantee confidentiality and data protection, thus respecting the provisions of the data protection officer (DPO).

The correct channel management involves receiving the complaint, issuing an acknowledgment of receipt, assessing the validity of the complaint, and if accepted, initiating the internal investigation process. Most importantly, the entire process must be supervised by the compliance officer who ensures compliance at all stages of the procedure.

Is it essential to have a whistleblower channel procedure?

Yes, and it is vital not only for legal reasons but also to ensure an agile and effective process in the management of complaints. Henceforth a poorly managed channel can lead to sanctions especially if it obstructs the complaint and investigation process.

Communicating the procedure

For a whistleblower channel to work effectively, it is imperative to communicate its existence and procedure. This undoubtedly can be done through a channel regulation, ideally published on the company’s website. Therefore this is crucial not only for internal staff but also for third parties who may have valuable information to report.


The establishment of an effective whistleblower channel and its proper management are vital today. Companies must ensure that these systems not only comply with regulations but are real tools to guarantee transparency and ethics.

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