Political parties must guarantee the integrity and transparency of their organizations, as they are fundamental to building a more just society. The establishment of an internal whistleblower channel in these entities facilitates the early detection and prevention of illicit behavior, such as clientelism, waste of public funds, irregular financing and other corrupt practices.

Why is a whistleblower channel essential in political parties?

It is the duty of organizations, not only companies provide mechanisms so that any person, whether internal or external to the organization, can report unethical or illegal practices. In the specific case of political parties in Spain, this duty is even more pronounced due to the public funding they receive.

An adequate and effective whistleblower channel is not only a response to a corporate social corporate social responsibility policy.

It is also in line with the concept of whistleblowing, providing protection to those who decide to make a complaint.

Programa de compliance. Canal de denuncias

Regulations and compliance

The corruption whistleblower protection law, which brings to Spain the Whistleblowing Directive is the one that will regulate these whistleblowing channels.

This law will not only facilitate the reporting of conduct that contravenes the internal regulations of political parties, but also those that violate external regulations.

Therefore, it will be essential to have a data protection officer (DPO) and adhere to the and to adhere to the compliance program

program to ensure the correct handling of data and procedures.

Implementation of the complaints channel for political parties

To establish an effective complaints channel, it is vital to consider the following points:

  1. Means of communication of complaints: Whether digital, telephone or postal, it must guarantee data protection and allow for anonymous complaints.
  2. Appointment of a person in charge: This person or team must have independence and be the link between the channel and the party’s management.
  3. Establish clear rules: Develop a regulation that defines what can be reported, who can report it and how it will be handled.
  4. Process: Design an action protocol once the complaint is received, ensuring speed and efficiency in the response.
  5. Publicity: Publ icize the existence of the channel both internally and externally.


The implementation of a complaints channel in political parties is a necessary measure to strengthen democracy, promote transparency and restore citizen confidence.

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