The Future Landscape of Whistleblowing in Sports

Dejan Jasnič (written in English, machine translated)

Whistleblowing in Sports, Olympic and Professional


In 2018, the Leeds Beckett University prepared a report for the World Anti-Doping Agency regarding whistleblowing in sports. The report provides an audit of existing whistleblowing platforms across National Anti-Doping Organizations (NADOs), Summer and Winter Olympic Sport International Federations (IFs) and additional independent international whistleblower platforms. It covered topics on whistleblowing in sports, olympic and professional. Access the whole report HERE.


Apparently, only 5 NADO’s (Slovenia with our application included) allow the informant to blow the whistle by submitting an online report form and further to track this using a designated report ID number and login; thus, enabling individuals to maintain contact with the NADO while still ensuring their anonymity. 


Given the history of known ethical violations in sports, more must be done to address this shocking lack of reporting channels. This is one of many reasons that we offer a free whistleblowing portal to organisations with less than 250 employees. 


As a result of the 2019 EU Whistleblower Directive, all legal entities with greater than 50 employees must offer and secure whistleblowing channel to report breaches of EU law. It is likely that instances of whistleblowing will increase in certain industries highly susceptible to wrongdoing. That is to say, whistleblowing in sports is likely to become a hot topic in the coming future. 


Are you a Sports Entity Looking for a Whistleblowing Platform?

The Olympic Committee of Slovenia and the Slovenian Anti-doping Organization have been using Trusty as their whistleblowing platform since October 2016. 


Contact us to learn more about whistleblowing in sports and to see if your enterprise qualifies for our free whistleblowing platform.


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