The whistleblower channel law not only establishes a mechanism for employees and other members of an organization to report suspicious or illegal activities, but also offers protections to those who choose to speak up. Let’s dive into the details of these protections and the consequences of not following the law properly.

Whistleblower protection

According to Article 36, any kind of retaliation against whistleblowers, including threats and attempts of retaliation, is prohibited. These retaliatory actions can take many forms, such as dismissal, harassment, reputational damage, and many more. It is essential to remember, however, that those who report have rights, such as the right to presumption of innocence and access to the legal file.

The Whistleblower Channel Law: Protection and Consequences

Support for whistleblowers

Article 37 highlights various support measures for whistleblowers, ranging from counseling to financial and psychological assistance in certain circumstances. In the case of cross-border complaints, the complainant may also receive legal assistance.

Data protection in the whistleblower channel

The processing of data within the complaints channel must adhere to strict regulations to protect the whistleblower’s identity. In addition, companies must appoint a Data Protection Officer to ensure compliance with these regulations.

For organizations that fail to comply with the law, the law establishes sanctions of up to 1 million euros for legal entities. Likewise, individuals are also not exempt and may face significant fines.


The whistleblower channel law is a powerful tool in the fight against corruption and misconduct and misconduct in organizations. In addition to being an obligation for many companies, it offers essential protections for those who choose to report. Meanwhile don’t wait to implement a whistleblower channel in your organization. If you need help, Trusty
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