Whistleblowing Channels : Phone verses In-Person ​

Dejan Jasnič (written in English, machine translated)

Whistleblowing Channels : Phone verses In-Person

We already wrote about which kinds of whistleblowing channels a company needs to have. In this series of blogs we have a closer look at these two individual types of whistleblowing channels. 

Telephone Whistleblowing Channel

Telephone lines can be operated internally or externally. Using call centres with non-trained operators and without multi-language capabilities can be counterproductive and may dissuade whistleblowers from reporting. When voice messaging systems are used for reporting, the voice recording needs to be additionally protected. Namely, the voice of the whistleblower may easily reveal their identity.


A telephone whistleblowing channel should include:

  • a dedicated toll-free number;
  • multi-language capability, where relevant;
  • availability outside the normal business hours;
  • use of a human operator, who can clarify and capture more useful information from the whistleblower as well as build trust and rapport;
  • a physically secure location for operators, which can also increase confidentiality;
  • assurance that the conversation is not recorded without the consent of the whistleblower.


Whistleblowing in Person

For in person conversations, it is important they are held in a location where confidentiality is ensured. However an advantage of this way of reporting is that direct conversation with the whistleblower allows capture of more useful information and at the same time builds trust and rapport. EU Whistleblowing law applies even when the disclosure is made in person.


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