Which US Companies Need Whistleblower Software?

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Which Companies Are Encouraged or Mandated to Have Whistleblower Software? Whistleblower hotlines play a vital role in promoting transparency and accountability within organizations. They provide a confidential channel for employees to report misconduct, fraud, or ethical concerns. While the specific requirements for implementing whistleblower hotlines may vary based on jurisdiction, industry, and organization size, several […]

New Whistleblower Laws in Spain

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In a recent article in the Economist Jurist, Trusty founder Daniel Bermejo gives expert insights into the implications of Spain’s recent whistleblower laws for businesses operating within the country.   Bermejo offers a overview of the legislation, highlighting its significance and the potential impact on Spanish organizations. The article delves into the key provisions of […]

How to Comply with 2023 German Whistleblower Laws

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in 2023, Germany transposed its version of the EU Whistleblower Directive.   How can your business comply with the German Whistleblower Protection Laws? Read Below to find out!     Trisha Cole (written in English, machine translated) How to Comply with the 2023 German Whistleblower Laws In 2023, Germany introduced new whistleblower protection laws that […]

SMEs Face Impact of Whistleblower Laws

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  As member states rush to enact whistleblower laws in accordance with recent EU regulations, one group is facing a hidden disparate impact – SMEs are paying high subscription costs for digital whistleblower hotlines.       Trisha Cole (written in English, machine translated) What’s Behind The Recent EU Whistleblower Laws? As compliance professionals, we […]

Anonymous Whistleblowers Under EU Law

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What Does EU Whistleblowing Law Say About Anonymity? The EU Directive leaves it to Member States to decide whether organizations are required to accept and follow up on anonymous whistleblowers. However, even if a Member State decides not to include such a requirement in its national laws, this by itself does not mean that accepting […]

EU Whistleblowing Channel Requirements

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What Are the Requirements for a Whistleblowing Channel? Besides providing clear and easily accessible information relating to the use of internal whistleblowing channels, the EU Whistleblowing Directive mandates that organizations provide such information also regarding the procedures for reporting externally to competent authorities. It outlines the requirements that a channel must meet in order for […]

The Future Landscape of Whistleblowing in Sports

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Whistleblowing in Sports, Olympic and Professional In 2018, the Leeds Beckett University prepared a report for the World Anti-Doping Agency regarding whistleblowing in sports. The report provides an audit of existing whistleblowing platforms across National Anti-Doping Organizations (NADOs), Summer and Winter Olympic Sport International Federations (IFs) and additional independent international whistleblower platforms. It covered topics […]


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