The implementation of a whistleblower channel has become an essential tool in the compliance architecture of many organizations. Not only does it serve as a proactive measure to detect bad practices and avoid future problems, but its absence can trigger severe sanctions, reputational risks and economic consequences.

Financial Penalties

Failure to have a whistleblower channel may result in penalties, depending on the jurisdiction and regulations.

  • Minimum: Penalties ranging from 6,000 to 60,000 euros, generally applicable for minor deficiencies or lack of initial implementation.
  • Moderate: 60,000 to 600,000 euros, these penalties are applied when the company has a channel, but does not comply with management standards, complaint handling or whistleblower protection.
  • Severe: Exceeding 600,000 euros, these penalties are imposed on companies that. Therefore despite being warned or having been previously sanctioned, persist in non-compliance or failure to take corrective action.
Sanctions for not implementing a Whistleblowing Channel

Reputational Risks

Beyond the financial penalties, the absence of a whistleblower channel can seriously damage a company’s image. Overall in a world where transparency and corporate responsibility are valued. Above all, organizations that do not provide a safe space for whistleblowing are viewed with suspicion by customers, investors and society at large.

Indirect Financial Losses

A direct financial penalty is harmful, but the indirect consequences can be even worse. Companies facing a scandal due to a lack of adequate whistleblower adequate whistleblowing mechanisms may experience a drop in the value of their shares. Also, loss of customers and contracts, and additional legal costs.

Most importantly the lack of a proper whistleblower channel can lead to lawsuits and litigation. Companies are exposed to legal proceedings that not only involve costs, but also the time and effort of their legal team.

Conclusion on sanctions

Implementing a whistleblower channel is not simply an option; it is a necessity an imperative need. It not only protects the company from financial penalties, but also strengthens its image and credibility in the market. At Trusty, we offer compliance services accordingly to assist you in the implementation and management of your whistleblowing channel, thus minimizing the aforementioned risks.

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