For a short time, we’re partnering with agencies to promote our free whistleblower software! You can earn a reward for referring Trusty Free (for small-medium businesses) or Trusty Plus (fits large companies).

free whistleblower software

Get Rewarded for Helping Your Clients and Supporting Whistleblowers!

Our free WordPress plugin is a free and instant way for your clients to comply with the EU Whistleblower Regulations.


The Offer:

250€ for every 5 Trusty Free signups, or 500€ for every 5 Trusty+ signups. Maximum reward of 2.500€Full details below!


How to Get Your Reward:

First, enter your email here to let us know you are interested. Team up with other developers to get your reward faster!


Second, we’ll send you a unique reference code which you need to use when signing up your clients for their Trusty accounts, after we approve your entry into the reward program.



Third, once you’ve opened the required number of accounts, send us an email with your clients’ webpages with links to their respective Trusty accounts. We’ll contact you to arrange your reward payment.

We look forward to serving you and your clients with our feature-packed free whistleblower hotline!

trusty whistleblowing free solution
Our free WordPress plugin is an instant and free whistleblower solution for every sized organisation!
free whistleblowing software

We Save your Clients Thousands of Euros Annually in Fines & Fees!

Refer Trusty & Get Rewarded:

free whistleblower software
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Full Offer Details:


To count against your reward a Trusty account has to be

  1. opened with the provided reference code,
  2. opened for a legal person which is required to have an internal reporting channel under law (e.g. employing more than 50 workers or companies in the financial sector…), and
  3. published on your client’s webpage for 30 days starting on the date you send us the link to it.

If a client upgrades from Trusty to Trusty+ within the first 30 days of opening the account, such an account will count as a free Trusty installation AND as a Trusty+ installation. If a client upgrades to Trusty+ later, such an account will not count as a Trusty+ installation but only as a free Trusty installation.

The maximum amount of rewards for all Trusty accounts opened with one reference code cannot exceed 2.500 EUR.

Trusty AG is not obliged in any way to approve your application to the reward programme and may deny it in its sole discretion.


whistleblower software

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