For Responsible Business, integrity and business ethics are fundamental pillars. To guarantee these principles, it has become crucial for organizations to implement a whistleblower channel. This mechanism is vital not only for dealing with irregularities, but also as a central component of an effective

What is a whistleblower channel and why is it essential for Responsible Business?

The whistleblower channel allows employees and other interested parties to report wrongdoing anonymously. Whether they decide to establish a internal complaints channel or one managed by a third party, it is equally important to ensure its effectiveness and confidentiality.

Commitment to ethical practices not only strengthens the corporate image but is also a reflection of the company’s corporate social responsibility policy.corporate social responsibility policy of the company’s corporate social responsibility policy.

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Responsible Business: Steps to implement a whistleblowing channel

  • Establish avenues of communication: Whether it is an online platform, telephone or postal address, the key is to ensure confidentiality and anonymity.
  • Appoint a person in charge: Whether it is an individual or a team, it is vital to designate someone to be responsible for receiving and evaluating complaints. This person may be, for example, the compliance officer of the company.
  • Elaborate a regulation: Explicitly defines the rules and procedures of the channel, from the facts that can be reported to the rights of the parties involved.
  • Define the process for processing: You need a protocol protocol is needed to guide the investigation and resolution of complaints, eventually including possible sanctions.
  • Record keeping: Documents all complaints, investigations, and resolutions. Above all the use of specialized software
    can facilitate this process.
  • Appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO): Ensures the proper processing of personal data additionally in line with the mandatory data protection mandatory data protection officer.
  • Promotion of the channel: Create a specific section on the company’s website for the whistleblower channel, furthermore ensuring easy access to it.

The importance of whistleblowing in the company:

The act of whistleblowing, known as whistle whistleblowing is vital to maintaining business integrity.

EU Directive 2019/1937
explicitly requires the creation of whistleblowing channels in companies with 50 or more employees. But even those not required to have one can benefit from the competitive advantage it offers by demonstrating a commitment to ethics and accountability.


Companies that are committed to transparency and business ethics should consider implementing a whistleblower channel. This will enable them to strengthen their position in the marketplace and foster a work environment where integrity and honesty are valued.

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