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Grow your business and increase your offering with your branded whistleblower software. Powered by Trusty

If you are a law firm or a compliance consultant offering investigations and seeking to offer whistleblowing services, look no further!

Opening your Trusty PARTNER account is straightforward.

Trusty PARTNER is 100% compliant with the EU Whistleblower Directive

How it works

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What it is

Are you offering management of whistleblowing lines to your clients?


Our Trusty PARTNER program is made for you!

It allows you to open client accounts in a matter of seconds, manage access permissions, process reports and communicate securely with your clients and whistleblowers. All in one place. Branded and customised according to your instructions.


Added value for your business:

  • Comprehensive support for your whistleblower outsourcing services
  • Generate demand from your clients for further services (drafting of policies, report processing, investigations, trainings…)
  • Anchor your relationship with a client – we see no attrition rate; become their go-to law firm for compliance and compliance related topics


What you get:

  • Branded and fully customised web based platform
  • Open digital reporting channels for your clients in a matter of minutes
  • Document any reports received through other channels
  • Assign and process the reports in the case management tool
  • Secure and anonymous dialogue with whistleblowers
  • Administer clients, their user accounts and their permission levels
  • Combined AND individual client overviews
  • Export statistics
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