Whistleblower Hotlines are now mandatory for many of your clients.

And as a Trusty partner, you can instantly add “whistleblower report management” to your list of legal or compliance services. 

Who are we?

We are compliance professionals with decades of combined experience working for large and small companies. Trusty came about in 2016, when we had the idea that we could create a less expensive and more useful whistleblower system, saving the organisation and the public in the long run.

What is our partner program?

Our Trusty PARTNER program is intended for legal and compliance professionals!

With our partner program, we offer an all-in-one report management system that will allow you to easily offer your services and keep the overview for your clients.


As a Partner, you are free to open an unlimited number of client accounts, which you manage completely independently from us.


Setting up your clients’ hotlines is straightforward and simple, it’s all done in your web app with just a few clicks. Our tutorial will show you how easy the process it.


Each client’s hotline is customized with YOUR branding.

From within your dashboard, you can process reports and communicate securely with your clients and whistleblowers, receiving real-time notifications and deadline alerts.

Why become a Trusty Partner

  • Open digital reporting channels for your clients in a matter of minutes
  • Document any reports received through other channels
  • Assign and process the reports in the case management tool
  • Secure and anonymous dialogue with whistleblowers
  • Administer clients, their user accounts and their permission levels
  • Combined AND individual client overviews
  • Export statistics

Not only do your clients now need whistleblower software, but they also need support managing their cases, drafting policies, performing enployee trainings and report investigations . . . and more!

Our pricing is straightforward. Please ask for our Partner video to see our costs, thank you!

Offer Your Clients a Whistleblower Hotline and Your Related Services Starting Now. ​

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