New Whistleblower Laws in Spain

In a recent article in the Economist Jurist, Trusty founder Daniel Bermejo gives expert insights into the implications of Spain’s recent whistleblower laws for businesses operating within the country.


Bermejo offers a overview of the legislation, highlighting its significance and the potential impact on Spanish organizations. The article delves into the key provisions of the whistleblower laws, emphasizing the need for organizations to establish robust reporting mechanisms, protect whistleblowers from retaliation, and ensure transparency in handling reported cases.

The article is a valuable resource for businesses seeking to navigate the evolving legal landscape and proactively address these new requirements. By fostering a culture that encourages ethical reporting, organizations can align their practices with the new legal framework, enhancing transparency and integrity within the Spanish business environment. Bermejo’s contribution to the article showcases his dedication to providing valuable guidance and empowering businesses to adapt to these changes effectively.

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