Having a whistleblower channel model is crucial to address ethical and compliance challenges in companies. Its proper implementation involves legal and organizational considerations.

Essential Requirements for a Whistleblower Channel

  1. TransparencyThe channel procedure should be clearly defined. This includes what can be reported, how it should be formalized, and which body will manage each part of the process. Following the principles of

    compliance program

    Each step (receipt, investigation, sanction assessment and enforcement) should be carried out by a different body to ensure impartiality.
  2. AccessibilityWorkers should be able to access the channel from various devices and submit their complaints easily.
  3. CommunicationIt is crucial to inform employees about the existence, use and characteristics of the channel, especially how the protection of the whistleblower’s identity is guaranteed, aligning with the guidelines established by the

    Whistleblower Protection Act

  4. Protection and ConfidentialityProtection and Confidentiality: The protection of both the whistleblower and the reported must be guaranteed, avoiding retaliation and false accusations, in line with the provisions of the

    corporate social responsibility policy

    and the independent whistleblower protection authority..
  5. MonitoringThe introduction of indicators that make it possible to assess and evaluate the channel’s performance is vital.
  6. Data Protection: companies must guarantee the confidentiality of

    confidentiality of the data

    of whistleblowers and defendants, ensuring their protection.

Implementation of a Whistleblower Channel

After defining the channel policy and the body that will manage the complaints, the implementation phase must follow. Here, the channel will be designed on the basis of a

model of a complaints channel

specific model, the regulations will be established and the processes will be defined.

Communication of the channel to the entire company is essential, including training on its use and publication of the regulations. In addition, it is crucial to perform a continuous follow-up, monitoring and evaluating its performance through indicators.


Creating an effective whistleblower channel is an essential step for any company seeking to operate with integrity and transparency. Ensuring whistleblower protection and providing a clear and accessible means of reporting is essential to maintaining trust among employees and ensuring that any wrongdoing is identified and dealt with appropriately.

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