Comply with the EU Whistleblower Directive and US Whistleblower Laws – at no cost:

Our whistleblower hotline is a secure and confidential way for your employees and third parties to internally report misdeeds like corruption, theft, discrimination, and harassment, even before involving authorities or the media. Our free tool helps you detect small issues before they become big problems. Apart from being a legal obligation, when you setup a whistleblower hotline, you underscore to your employees and contractors the importance of adhering to your company’s internal values. Encouraging a speak-up culture can help you anticipate risks sooner, enhance your business image and safeguard against potential scandals.
trusty whistleblowing free solution
Receive reports, communicate with whistleblowers and monitor statistics in one convenient digital dashboard.

Manage Your Cases and Communicate with Anonymous Whistleblowers:

With Trusty, you can access your hotline and case management dashboard from any location in the world, at any time. Our servers have an ISO 27001 security rating! When reporting, whistleblowers complete a case report form and describe the incident. They have the option to provide personal information or report anonymously. In both cases, the whistleblower receives a username and password which they can use to access their digital mailbox and communicate with their case manager. setup a whistleblower hotline

No Downloads or Installation Required! Set-up your Whistleblower Hotline With Just a Few Clicks:

Our free hotline is the best whistleblower system for organizations with fewer than 250 employees. For larger enterprises, we recommend our Trusty+ solution, which includes additional language and customization features. Since 2016, our hotline has been trusted by organizations in diverse industries worldwide. Trusty was developed by lifelong compliance professionals — us!

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