The Independent Whistleblower Protection Authority is the body established in Spain to ensure a fair and secure process for whistleblowers.
The role of whistleblowers has been above all crucial in uncovering public and private sector scandals in several countries.

Functions of the Independent Authority for Whistleblower Protection

  1. Management of the external channel: The Authority has the responsibility to manage the external complaints channel, in accordance with the provisions of the Law 2/2023
  2. Protective measures: Adopts safeguards to protect the whistleblower.
  3. Participation in the elaboration of regulations: It acts in a consultative manner in the elaboration of regulations that directly affect its competence.
  4. Imposition of sanctions:  Accordingly of sanctioning procedures and the penalization of the infractions established by the Law.
  5. Recommendations and guidelines: Formulates criteria and also the best practices to ensure adherence to legal standards.
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Advisory Committee

The Chairmanship of the Authority is supported by the Advisory Committee for the Protection of the Informant. This commission brings together representatives of various government entities and legal experts. Although the decisions taken by the Commission are not binding, they play a crucial role in advising the Presidency.

Sanctioning Power

The Authority may impose sanctions on public and private sector entities, in cases where violations cross the borders of more than one autonomous community. Above all the imposition of these penalties is the responsibility of the Chair of the Authority.

Communications channel

The reporting channel allows any individual to report infractions or crimes. Therefore these reports can be submitted anonymously or not, guaranteeing confidentiality at all times.

After registering the complaint, the Authority evaluates its validity and decides undeniably whether to continue with the investigation process. The entity strives to maintain open communication with the whistleblower, always maintaining confidentiality and data security.


The establishment of the Independent Whistleblower Protection Authority demonstrates Spain’s commitment to transparency and the fight against corruption. It provides a secure channel for those who wish to report irregularities, guaranteeing their protection and a fair process.

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