We’re excited to share that we’ve recently achieved an important milestone – we now have over 1000 whistleblower hotline clients onboard!

This accomplishment reflects the agreement Trusty clients have in our mission. Compliance shouldn’t have to cost big! Let’s take a closer look at our client distribution and how Trusty is meeting their needs.

What Percentage of our Clients Use Our Trusty Free Whistleblower Hotline?

Within our client base, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) form the majority, accounting for 80% of our clients. Most Importantly for these businesses, our Trusty Free whistleblower software is more than enough to meet their needs! The remaining 20% are larger corporations. They opt for our Trusty+ solution, designed to cater to the unique demands of their operations. Our Trusty+ technology can be scaled to serve businesses of varying sizes and complexities.

How Many Whistleblower Reports Per Year Should Your Business Expect?

Our focus on providing a effective solution is evident in the usage patterns. On average, SMEs receive around one report per year. In contrast, larger corporations tend to receive a higher volume of reports, in addition approximately 17 on average. This variance aligns with their operational scope and size. Meanwhile, it’s also a key driver for their adoption of our premium solution.

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We Offer an Affordable Whistleblower Hotline Solution to Every Organization, Regardless of Size or Number of Reports!

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Regardless of your business size, Trusty offers accordingly tailored and affordable solutions to suit your needs. Sign up for your own Trusty Free whistleblower hotline on our website, setup is easy and only requires a few clicks! As we celebrate the 1000th client milestone, we invite you to learn more about Trusty and why we started this project.


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