The complaints channel has established itself as a vital tool for combating illicit acts, particularly money laundering, in companies and organizations. In this context, we will explore how these platforms work and their relationship with regulatory compliance.

Whistleblower channel: The anti-money laundering watchdog.

Whistleblowing channels have proven to be an essential tool for the prevention and early detection of potential money laundering offenses. As a result of the EU Whistleblowing Directive has strengthened its regulation, specifically in the Whistleblower Protection Act in Spain.

The effective implementation of these channels allows individuals to report illegal acts anonymously, guaranteeing their security and the confidentiality of their identity.

These factors are essential for those who are aware of bad practices within a company practices within a company are encouraged to report them.

Canal de denuncias

Regulations and companies involved

The main laws that regulate the whistleblower channel and its relation to money laundering in Spain are Law 2/2023 and Law 10/2010. It is also crucial to mention the obligation to have a data protection officer, which is related to the protection of the which is related to the protection of the information and data of whistleblowers.

Regarding companies, not only those in the financial sector are obliged to have a whistleblower channel. Since legislation, this includes companies with 50 or more employees, foundations public administrations, among others.

Essential characteristics of the whistleblower channel

For a complaint channel to be effective and comply with current regulations, it must:

  1. Be easily accessible.
  2. Ensure confidentiality and, if necessary, anonymity.
  3. Have a person in charge of the complaints channel to supervise its operation.
  4. To be aligned with data protection regulations.
  5. Above all, enable continuous communication with the complainant.

Adaptation to new regulations

Given the recent Law 2/2023, companies must review and adapt their whistleblower channels to ensure that they comply with the new regulations. This not only avoids possible sanction.

Since this not only avoids possible sanctions, but also strengthens the integrity and reputation of the company.


With the growing importance of maintaining transparent and ethical operations in the business world, tools such as the whistleblower channel are essential. Not only do they help prevent financial crimes such as money laundering, but they also strengthen an organization’s culture and reputation.

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