Compliance and tech experts behind the whistleblowing software.

With decades of experience, we have advised numerous Fortune 500 companies, public organisations and SMEs on compliance matters.

The founding team

Dejan Jasnic


Dejan has over 20 years of experience in legal, compliance and anti-fraud fields, working in multinational corporations and as a founder of a tech anti-fraud company. He is a board member of the Swiss Chapter of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

Dan Ostergaard


Dan is the founder of PolicyStore and a former Novartis Global Head of Compliance. He was chairman of leading compliance associations and founded two compliance tech companies.



Serial founder and technology evangelist, Daniel has worked for leading corporations such as IBM and Roche and supported hundreds of startups on their journey to success.



Simon is the main developer of the whistleblowing solution. He has been developing software solutions for more than 15 years, including nuclear safety information and emergency communication systems.

Why Trusty?

We promote a culture of transparency and integrity. We believe organisations of any size or industry should have access to a secure, reliable, and robust reporting channel.

Our commitment to excellent user experience means our products are intuitive and easy to use for both admins and users. We continuously enhance our offerings based on user feedback, ensuring that Trusty not only meets but exceeds expectations.

Trusty is dedicated to simplifying compliance. We disrupted the market with our instant, affordable, and user-friendly solutions. In addition to Trusty Whistleblower App, we also invite you to explore our comprehensive compliance Policy App.