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A disruptive offering, but not a new solution.

We support companies, sports organisations, NGOs and others with our proprietary state-of-the-art whistleblowing solution since 2015.

Our Purpose

We believe every organisation should be able to offer a secure and reliable reporting channel, irrespective of size or industry.

We can offer Trusty free of charge, as our main source of revenues come from our premium solutions.

We are a team of experienced entrepreneurs, which allows us to keep Trusty agile, independent, profitable and free from any influence from outside investors.

We continue to disrupt the compliance market with our instant and affordable compliance solutions to guide employees and secure legal safeguard. Have a look at our PolicyApp, which offer a comprehensive compliance solution. 

Our Team

We have been more than 20 years in the industry and have advised hundreds of Fortune 500 companies, public bodies and SMEs on compliance.

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Dejan Jasnic


Dejan is an experienced compliance and anti-fraud professional, passionate about implementing smart solutions. He designed Trusty to make whistleblowing solutions a commodity for any organization rather than an expensive IT investment.

Dan Ostergaard


Dan is a serial entrepreneur and former Novartis Global Head of Compliance. He was Chairman of leading compliance association and has been featured in FT, Corporate Executive Board and CEO Magazine.


Daniel Bermejo


Daniel is a technology evangelist with a unique blend of startup and corporate experience. Serial founder and passionate startup supporter, Daniel excels at building and scaling business models and companies from idea creation to exit.

Simon Zalar


Simon worked on nuclear safety information systems and has developed a nuclear accident emergency communication system. He likes solving technical riddles and learning new technologies.


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